little hero

A real hero Tibetan little boy, who called Dolma kyab saved a child floated in lake.
 He's just 13 years old boy in midle school of Luchu county (Amdo). When he was going to school by Dawa lingkha (Moon gardern).

Suddenly He heard unclearly a child cried little far away. Immediately He rushed there and saw 2childern sadly cried and so nervously worried.

So, he realized there was happened something bad circumstances and He searched all surrounding. Exactly there was a child (5years) floated in the lake.

when that time 2 men (were Around 30 years) were going through the Lake. of course Dolma kyab thought He got gods. So He loudly cry out and show hands gesture. But that poor courage men couldn't decide immediately and look each other's faces. Any way they didn't show help quickly!

Dolma Kyab look back and saw the child sank in lake gradually. He thought" this is very emergency time to save a human's life. If I will late only 1 second. That will possible to fail to save. there fore, even If He was so dangerous on his on life, But He never retrogressed and rushed to dive in lake.

Of course He couldn't easily do this. So, He struggled to search by hands 4 some while, Finally He got it's left foot in his hand and he could drag out! He pressed it's chest and pull out water. Then child started breathe! that time also police came and delivery child to hospital.

The next day child's parents came to school and offered white scarf (Khatag) and gratefully thanks to him in front of gathered staffs and students. Now the child has got full recovered and fitness for play with toys!
translated from Tibetan language.

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