just single proud for me

One evening I came back to home from something hard working, our parent prepared special food only for me. Other siblings already fell in sleep, but that made me cry in so sad. So I asked parents could they join with me, but parents said me "parent never make different among the siblings, but you are only take heavy loading works today, so have enjoy meal, we can't share one bowlful food to all siblings" so I had food with cry without voice, that only one time I made parent proud for me, in my thought, grateful for parents and sorry for siblings you guys, also I blame to myself incapable such like me, couldn't cherish my own siblings! That next morning, my parents told them about me and I got just shy in front of you! 

My jaundice and butter tea

When I was in our home, I had headache, pain in upper back, nostril sore etc, (སྨུག་པོ) so I almost every morning! But parents didn't know I was sick, so I got scold by them, if I tried to get up early morning, then I was sick a full day! hehe. For example: one morning I got up early before dawn and drive Yaks to our nomadic home. When I wan reaching at Zhongna, My sickness got worse  and vomit lot, more over I couldn't rode horse well. But tried to ride horse and drive yaks. Finally I met our deceased father at Gashi village. Then he wanted to return to nomadic home with me for helping. That time I wan Vomiting continue! Those cause by I had Tibetan butter tea, unfortunately I love to drink such disease drinking, after I have stay here, not troubled such illness like that.