My jaundice and butter tea

When I was in our home, I had headache, pain in upper back, nostril sore etc, (སྨུག་པོ) so I almost every morning! But parents didn't know I was sick, so I got scold by them, if I tried to get up early morning, then I was sick a full day! hehe. For example: one morning I got up early before dawn and drive Yaks to our nomadic home. When I wan reaching at Zhongna, My sickness got worse  and vomit lot, more over I couldn't rode horse well. But tried to ride horse and drive yaks. Finally I met our deceased father at Gashi village. Then he wanted to return to nomadic home with me for helping. That time I wan Vomiting continue! Those cause by I had Tibetan butter tea, unfortunately I love to drink such disease drinking, after I have stay here, not troubled such illness like that. 

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